Do you accept a compliment ?

We don’t mind at all that in the morning somebody will tell us that you’re “wonderful” or “gorgeous”. But we don’t realize that we give a license to that one to say something else to you at evening. If somebody said to you”you’re brilliant” and you took that in, then if he said “you’re stupid” you would defiantly take that in! By accepting what’s saying to you, you make the words your master.
You look at yourself through the eyes of others, you have made yourself dependent on others, and wherever there’s dependency there’s fear.
The key to leave fear is independence, is being free.
We are afraid of others because the entire self image of us comes from others. Build your own self image independently.
One question for you :

What happens if someone says you did a great job or you look pretty today?

Do you bask in their admiration? Or do you show embarrassment?

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